Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This weekend, on the urging of my film editor that has studied Persian, I went to the concert of the great Perisan Diva, Googoosh, at the Western Forum. It was an anthro-political phenomena. The crowds that practically filled the stadium were almost exclusively Persian. The dress was glittery. The women had large dark eyes outlined with black pencil, and thick black or dyed blond hair. The language was Persian. Many people brought young children. Everyone seemed excited, mouthing along with the songs,

The concert started on PST (Persian Standard Time), two hours late. Very similar to my very own IST (Israeli Standard Time). The music was beautiful. Western arrangements for eastern/arabic style music. I would have loved to understand the words but Googoosh sang and spoke only in Persian.

And for the grand finale? The singers held up large pre-Shah Iranian flags, everyone stood up, and they sang a pre-Shah Iranian anthem, Ey Iran

People left laughing and talking happily. Great energy…


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