Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hip Hip

Yesterday’s trip to the gym brought a strange juxtapositioning.

First, in the dressing room, a older lady, very trim and in spandex shorts, was dancing in front of the huge TV set up in the lounge area. Nothing particularly wrong with that, but it was disconcertingly odd. Then she started walking back and forth with large gawky strides in the wide dressing-area corridor. I assumed she had a few loose screws up there, was almost surprised no one rounded her up. And then I heard her tell the attendant that she hates this stuff, she’s just recovering from hip replacement surgery…

Walking out I saw two people watching over a large dog, one of them holding the dog’s rear end up high with a cloth strap wrapped around the dog’s hip, while the dog defecated on the lawn. I stopped and asked why. You guessed it. The dog had just had hip replacement surgery…


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