Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What Ticked off Zidane????

I so want to know what Materazzi said to Zizou. That unexcusable statement that made Zidane lose his cool and a large part of his legacy just ten minutes before the end of his career.

Whatever it was, I wonder if it was a momentary flash of genius on Materazzi's part, or a well planned offensive, prepared well in advance of the match. Did the Italian team have a insult-specialist devising carefully crafted phrases to be used to defeat the enemy, or was it left to the ingenuity of the players?

And how did Zidane get such a reputation for gentility, if (as it turns out) this business of head-butting his opponents is somewhat common practice for him? BTW, it turns out that Materazzi has quite a reputation for violence too. Maybe it takes one to understand one. Meaning that it takes someone like Materazzi to really know how to tick off Le Great Zizou.

Regardless, I was rooting for the Italians, so I was pleased.


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