Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Women Covering Their Tracks

From this weekend's NYTimes: An article claiming that more than ever before, women are paying cash for luxury items - Chanel bags, cashmere sweaters, so they won't have to explain the purchases to their husbands. Even women who earn a good income often prefer that their husband not know of their purchases. It's not worth the argument or the disapproval.

But then the article offers a small anecdote about the hedge fund manager that goes to Atlantic City several times a year and drops about $10,000 each time on the blackjack table. He doesn't tell his wife about it. But then every now and then 6 new pairs of shoes appear in her closet, also unaccounted for.

Well, those shoes, using NYTimes prices, may have cost her $3,000. Compare that to his $10,000 and we get to my pet point, that boys' toys are much more expensive than girls' toys...


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