Thursday, April 21, 2005

Human Breast Milk – Yum!

Getting into deeper and more rarefied questions – Peter asked something I had never thought of. Why is there no tradition that involves consumption of human breast milk? Particularly since, as those of us who have tried know, human breast milk is soooo much better than cow’s milk. Kind of like comparing unsweetened oatmeal with chocolate soufflé. Yet human breast milk is reserved exclusively for babies.

Peter’s theory is that we perceive it as somehow akin to cannibalism… a taboo. Sounds right. My thought – it’s a human bodily excretion, ugggh – and we have a very strong natural taboo against eating human excretions... And why do we have such a strong natural taboo? To protect us from passing on disease… That’s my Talmudic response. As I write I find I’m actually disgusted by this whole subject…


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