Thursday, July 07, 2005

What I Don’t Like

The NYTimes has an article today about food dislikes of some renowned chefs. Zac Pelaccio of 5 Ninth doesn’t like sweet potatoes: "I find them a little too rich, a little too cloying, a little too overwhelming," he says, "I don't like to eat them."

Bobby Flay of Bar Americain doesn’t like lentils. There are no lentils on his menu. His staff makes up for it when he’s gone:

"When I go on vacation, they run specials on lentils," he says.

David Waltuck of Chanterelle doesn’t like celery:

“It has no flavor. It’s one-dimensional. It’s an exercise in chewing. It’s pointless.”

Spoken like a true Frenchman…

My daughter doesn’t like cilantro. This is a recently identified aversion. It took her years to realize that her distaste for some types of salsa was related to that aromatic green thing.

Well, I love sweet potatoes, lentils, and particularly, cilantro. I can tolerate celery. Just please, don’t serve me anything with nutmeg. I don’t even let it get within 100 feet of my kitchen.


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