Monday, September 26, 2005


Yesterday at the airport I stood impatiently behind a woman taking money out of an ATM machine. I was running late, and she had stepped up just as I was approaching the ATM. I bided my time by reading over her shoulder. ATM fee - $2.50. Sum she withdrew - $60. That comes to a 4% fee (!) for ATM use.

I’m always aggravated by ATM fees. My solutions? I try to use my credit card as often as possible (no, I don’t pay late fees), and I try to get cash at the supermarket checkout line – there’s no fee there.

In a pinch of course I do use the ATM. But then I always take out the maximum allowable sum, usualy $300. Taking out $60 with a 2.5% fee? Unless you have a real reason to be afraid of theft, if you’re going to use an ATM, always take out the maximum amount… Obvious advice I guess…


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