Wednesday, November 16, 2005

David Mamet’s New Play - Romance

It is (or was) playing at the Mark Taper Forum in L.A. This is the first time I actually see one of Mamet’s plays on stage, and I was blown away by the wit and extraordinary dexterity of the dialogue. I’ve seen quite of few of his movies, and watched DVD’s of his plays, but there was a three dimensional feel to the dialogue, several people talking at once in perfectly sequenced arrangements, that was like nothing I’d every heard.

Romance is apparently, also Mamet's first comedy, which is astounding, because he’s so so funny. A master of timing. It’s the first time I realized what a truly extraordinary talent he is.

That being said, the play was more of a trifle than a true full length play. No real plot. No third act. Very heavy handed riffs on Catholics vs Jews vs Gays… although impecable production, great acting, great staging.

So… on the one hand I agree with this review by the L.A. Weekly, but on the other hand, the play was still a real treat. I’d go again.


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