Saturday, December 31, 2005

Archival Information

My New Year's post was going to be about the wonders of information technology - specifically, how we can now file every e-mail we every will get (spam excluded) on one tiny hard drive, back it up, search it according to any key (i.e., no need for pre-sorting or pre-allocation of keywords..), put a copy in a safe deposit box, ...

I prepared this post on my e-mail system, as I always do, and then lo and behold, my e-mail (in fact my whole computer) konked out. More specifically, it got wobbly. Every time it tried to start an application, it struggled, blinked, and ultimately stumbled. In short, I can't access my regular e-mail system.

Now I'm going to pat myself on the shoulder, because I actually had a fairly recent backup of my whole e-mail system, done just two weeks ago. Which made me remark again on how my happiness is tied to the existence of a little hard drive with a backup of years of e-mail and documents and letters and recipes...

So, please make sure to backup your computers - e-mail, files, and all - and have a wonderful New Year!


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