Monday, February 06, 2006

And My New Apres-Yoga Shoes Are...

Uggs. For more than three years I've agonized over buying Uggs. I always liked them. But my daughter disdains them. I can't fully explain her reasoning, but it is something along the lines of everyone at school has them, so obviously you shouldn't be caught dead in them. Or perhaps, as my cousin would say, they've achieved masstige (the mass market version of prestige...), and you don't want to be part of the masses.

Long story short - finally, after my Clark and my Dansko super comfi shoes that could be worn without socks went the way of all shoes (and men), and I was consigned to leaving evening yoga classes in my flip-flops in the chilly night air, I did some internet poking around about Uggs. The reviews were all uniformly glowing. Along the lines of Love my Uggs. They're so comfortable. Bought five pairs, you will too... Etc.

So you got it, I bought a pair. These ones specifically. Black, short, and more tailored than most. Yes, they're pricey. Stop complaining. I paid for them. When I told my daughter I'd bought Uggs, she said predictably:

"No!!! You didn't!"

Yes, I did. And I'm so happy. Why in the world did I wait so long? They're perfect.


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