Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is Dill Polarizing?

Yesterday's NYTimes article about the first Trader Joe's opening in NYC, quotes one of their food tasters saying that the flavor of dill is "polarizing".

Apparently "polarizing" is a common term in the food industry. I've heard the same term used by a chocolate consultant claiming that the flavors of coconut and marzipan are polarizing. Unlike the flavor of chocolate, that is not.

I take that to mean that people either love or hate marzipan, while the flavor of chocolate doesn't provoke both extremes. People like it, love it, or are indifferent to it (rare) but few people hate it.

This idea is extensible to movies. Some are polarizing, Crash comes to mind. Seems that you either love it or hate it, and you know where I fall on that side of the equation. Conversely, some films, like March of the Penguins, are like chocolate. Very few people would hate them.

BTW, I'm on the side of loving dill, marzipan and coconut. Regarding chocolate, I just like it. That's as far as I'll go.


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