Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Much Maligned Milk

I had a brief conversation today with a guy that provides veterinary services to diary cows.

First I heard from him that Israel ranks very high (second or third in the world) in per cow production of milk.

Second, and no surprise here, that the consumption of milk is going down in the U.S., with the biggest decline being in drinkable milk (as opposed to milk products).

Family lore has it that I stopped drinking milk as a result of the foolish advice given by my pediatrician when I was two years old - to wean me off the bottle. After that traumatic event I refused to touch milk - perhaps I was too wounded to risk an additional loss.

My aversion to that opaque white fluid extends to all its wanna be competitors - soy milk, rice milk, anthing that looks or feels like milk is anathema to me. The thought of even taking a sip fills me with dread.

But apart from my aversion to drinkable milk, I like virtually any milk product. Yogurt, cheese, butter - life would be greatly diminshed without them.

But in this I seem to be in a minority among my friends - at least those of the female persuasion. And here I'm finally getting to my point. How did milk products become such pariahs in our La La Land society?

First it was cholesterol. Then it was the idea that we're all somewhat lactose intolerant. Then it was the Ayuervedic idea (never provable by scientifi method) that milk causes congestion and build-up of mucose...

Ultimately, my friends may developed an aversion to milk products that's similar to my aversion to drinkable milk - it's an irrational fear that this stuff will be a bad idea.

Which is really too bad.


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