Friday, March 16, 2007

Lost and Found

A couple of days ago I rushed over to Target at lunchtime to buy a yoga outfit. I needed one because I had forgotten to take one with me, and I wanted to stop at a yoga class on my way home that evening.

I came back to the office reasonably happy with my purchase, until I realized I had left my favorite black cardigan in the Target dressing room. It was a long shot, but today, on my way home, I stopped at Target and asked if they had it in their Lost and Found.

They didn't, but they suggested that I go back to the dressing room where I had left it, and lo and behold, the woman working there (different than the one who had been there when I bought my outfit), pulled it up from behind her counter.

Truly nice.

Which brings me to my point - I seem to forget things everywhere all the time. It's not senility, I've always had this problem. But on the positive side, virtually every time it happens, I can retrace my steps in my mind and figure out where I left the item.

And once I figure that out, I will virtually always find it when I come back. There are only two significant exceptions: 1) Planes. I've left jackets on planes several times, and it's consistent, the "cleaning crew" picks it up, and I never get it back again. 2) My yoga studio, YogaWorks. Twice I forgot expensive black Manduka mats there. In both cases I remembered and went back to pick them up within 24 hours. In both cases they were gone.

I don't have a full explanation...


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