Saturday, September 15, 2007

Racy Stuff

Last night I watched a video of the performance of Vivaldi's Hercole Sul Termadonte at the 2006 Spoleto music festival.

The story is of the Amazons being attacked by the fiercest enemies of their sex - men - (Hercules included), and both sides finally succumbing to that "strange feeling in their heart" - love. Or is it actually sexual famine?

Either way... The most striking part of the performance was not the really
great voices, but Hercule's outfit. Naked except for a lion's skin cape worn around his back and tied in front with two paws dangling above and to the right of his male member. You couldn't help but laugh as he would burst out in song, hands held up wide, balls dangling, circumcised penis bouncing. The claws swaying just above, looking like outsized versions of his own jewels, gave an added element of ridiculous titillation.

In a tit for tat, the Amazon warrioresses went around with one breast
exposed, while the queens wore pushup corsets with transparent gauze over their breasts that made every detail visible.

Yes, this was Spoleto Italy, 2006. Thumbing their nose at the Catholic
church in the name of art. Or as a friend of mine commented - actors will
do to anything to appear on stage


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