Friday, November 02, 2007

A Half Car

As you may have heard, the Smart Car - that's been around in Europe for at least 5 years, is finally coming to the U.S., but only in early 2008.

Some vital statistics - it's a two seater (spacious seats), and the fairly loaded model (A/C, AT, front and side airbags) lists for about $13,500. Which is not bad compared to the Mini Cooper (about $30,000). Fuel economy similar to the Prius.

It's just what someone like me needs. I have one car, but need another half car for when my kids are home, when I have guests, or when I just want to save some gas and find easier parking while tooling around town.

Plus, with its low introductory price, (compare to about $20,000 in Europe) I bet the Smart car will maintain its value for the next few years.

The only fly in the ointment is that it's made by a German manufacturer (Mercedes Benz together in a consortium with Swatch). That's unfortunate. But I guess I'll choose to ignore that fact.

When I saw and heard and test drived I was ready to buy one immediately, but to my chagrin it will only be available in early 2008. So I reserved one. You can do the same my sweet and faithful reader, at Then we can all compare and decide who chose the best color combo.


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