Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Passover Hazelnut Cake

Here's my favorite Passover cake recipe - a Swedish recipe that I learned from a Korean friend and is my calling card even on the other 49 weeks of the Jewish year...

8 eggs
16 ounces of hazelnuts (or filberts as Trader Joe's calls them...)
1.5 cups of sugar

Grind the hazelnuts. I do this in my coffee grinder a bit at a time. Try to avoid over-grinding. The cake comes out better if the hazelnuts are only roughly ground.

Whip the eggs (whites and yolks together) with the sugar until stiff and frothy. This takes about 10 minutes, and in and of itself is the reason I'm thinking of getting one of those ridiculously large and expensive freestanding Kenmore mixers...

Fold in the ground hazelnuts,

Pour into a greased, round 9 inch diameter springform cake tin.

Bake at 375 for about 50 minutes, or until quite brown.

Warning - this cake always falls a bit, a bit like a souffle, but the flavor is wonderful. You can add whipped cream if you're going diary, or fruit salad for parve...


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