Saturday, May 21, 2005

Please – No LAX Expansion

Please please please… Whenever my friends belittle L.A., I have three comebacks. Great weather, best yoga classes in the world, and the fastest major airport anywhere.

You can take a cab to L.A.X., and, lines permitting, be at your gate in 10 minutes. Or less. Now how does the expansion work? Well, additional reunways are added along with "remote terminals", and “people movers” are added to transport said people to said remote terminals.

Have you ever been to the Denver airport? One of my worst nightmares, and a case in point. You arrive at the entrance to the main terminal. You take escalators and moving walkways to the “people mover” that then transports you to the terminal where you walk through the food court and the shopping area to gate D20 and from there on more moving walkways to gate D47 and then take another moving walkway to gate D64 and then another moving walkway to gate D78, and bam, 45 minutes later you’re at your gate!

So how do I propose that increased LAX traffic be handled? Well, first of all, let’s discourage the idea that it needs to be a hub like O’Hara or Denver. Let’s keep it as an end-point destination. Dedicated to us Angelenos. And for those excess flights, how about expanding the Burbank and Long Beach airports…?

When LAX starts looking like Denver airport, I’ll have no choice but to move to another town…


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