Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Public Service Announcement

I don’t think the NIH hasn’t published a consensus committee note yet, but it seems that all the doctors I know have come to their own conclusion. Statins are good for you. A statin a day, etc…

Here’s the summary I got last night – if you’re over 50 – you should take a statin drug (e.g. Lipitor…), an ACE inhibitor (e.g., Enalapril), a baby aspirin, and an antioxidant (a few cups of green tea will do), every day. Even if your blood cholesterol and blood pressure are normal… It’s not official, but the informal word is out, and doctors seem to be following it.

Given that despite the best medical advice, I insist on keeping my weight down, maybe I’ll take this recommendation down to age 40 and follow it myself…


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