Saturday, May 07, 2005

My So Called "Social Life"

Today I ran into a neighbour I hadn't seen in awhile. After some chit chat she looked at me earnestly and asked:

"So how's your social life?"

A year ago, I would have taken that question at face value. But now I know better. Social is the new romantic. Today, questions like "How's your love life?" or "Are you dating someone new?" are taboo. They've been replaced by the code phrase "How's your social life?".

Now why is that? Why not ask the direct question. Are we afraid it's too sensitive?... So painful that euphemisms are needed? Don't worry. I can talk about it. No need to pussy foot around.

Here's the answer: If you're really asking about my social life, it's pretty good, thank you. If you're asking about my romantic life, well, unfortunately I have nothing new to report. If there's a guy you'd like me to meet, I'd be delighted. Hopefully, it will turn into a romance. But if not, I won't consider it a total loss. I'm sure he'll enhance my social life.


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