Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jdating in Northern California

In case you were wondering, yes, I've tried Jdate, and my experience has been abysmal. I read first person singles articles in Jewish newspapers telling of the hundreds of responses that women get to their nothing-to-write-home-about posts. But when I post… dead silence. Even worse: When I decide to move things along a bit by finding a few attractive male candidates and e-mailing them, the silence is even more deafening.

For those of you that don’t know me, you’ll have to trust me that I’m reasonably attractive. Most men who meet me seem to agree on this one. But somehow the L.A. Jdaters believe differently.

So I gave up on Jdate.

But with my new gig up in Northern Cal, spending Monday evenings alone in a hotel room in Santa Rosa got to be a bit much. So I had a flash of inspiration. I’d test the commonly held belief that L.A. men are somewhat emotionally deficient by asking some Northern California guys out. Would they answer my missives?

Well, I tried. I posted an ad. I did a little search. I identified four men living within 50 miles of Santa Rosa (yes, I had to search that far, I wanted to include San Francisco, and in any case there aren’t that many Jdates in Northern Cal), and I e-mailed them.

Unbelievable results. All four answered me. Three wanted to meet. The fourth wanted to IM with me. Do I have MSN messenger he asked. It’s a GREAT (his caps) way to communicate. No, I replied. And enlighten me, I asked. Why would I want to spend the time on MSN messenger if we could have a phone conversation? Well, he responded, I want to take it slowly if that’s ok with you…

Conclusion – 3 out of 4 were normal. Way ahead of L.A.


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