Monday, April 24, 2006

A Couple of Books I Liked

From my recent reading:

Memories of the Ford Administration - this is the first time I've liked a book by John Updike. A wishy washy guy tells the story of his indecisive bid to leave his wife and marry his mistress, and to write a biography about a pre-civil war president, while the impotent Ford administration rises and falls... I loved it.

Vintage Didion - a collection of essays that Joan Didion has written over the years. She gives an inside view and a philosophical interpretation of how the press (both left and right, Thomas Friedman and Cokie Roberts included) tried to "educate" America that the Monica Lewinsky story was a big deal, and that Clinton should resign even after it had all died down because he had supposedly lost the support of the American public,... Or another interesting case - the Central Park Jogger (late 80's), again press manipulation that I had been oblivious to at the time... I was fascinated.


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