Thursday, October 12, 2006

Who was the Other Guy

So many things bother me about the crash of the small airplane into the Manhattan apartment building yesterday. But the first is this - I've now heard so much about Cory Lidle, his wife, his six year old daughter, how he finished his last season, what he used to say about flying - what about the other guy in the plane? Granted, he's not famous, but why don't the journalists covering this story have the basic decency to acknowledge his prior existence? Why do they have to be so crass about that basic asymetry - famous, not famous. I get angry just thinking about it.

The other is the obvious - what is a small plane with a relatively inexperienced pilot doing flying above Manhattan. Isn't Manhattan too dense a target? Couldn't small planes be required to fly around it?... But here I'm out of my depth, maybe I'm talking nonsense, but then again, maybe not. Small planes go down quite often. Why let them fly over Manhattan?


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