Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I spent the evening last night with a friend in Santa Monica. We walked around the 3rd street promenade around 8:30pm looking for a place to have a light dinner. But every place we looked was either too formal or depressingly empty. Until we finally had the brilliant idea of going to that old hippie dippie yogi movie star hangout - Real Food Daily near 5th on Santa Monica Blvd.

Good choice. It was packed - with only one empty table - great vibe, and comforting food. It was only an hour later, when the diners started leaving that we realized that almost all, without exception, were carrying their yoga mats with them.

Which, for those of you unfamiliar, means that they had just come from Bryan Kest's donation-only yoga class on Arizona and 5th. Pretty clever of Real Food Daily to setup shop just a block away from Bryan Kest. And it kind of explains why the Beverly Hills branch of the restaurant had to close down. No yoga to speak of in Beverly Hills.


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