Thursday, July 17, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about giving my cat Clomicalm, a drug prescribed for OCD in cats and separation anxiety in dogs. Well, turns out I was just ahead of the NYTimes Magazine article titled Pill Popping Pets about marketing of behavior modification and "lifestyle" drugs for pets.

The article claims, and I agree - that part of the problem is that pets have to adjust to our hectic, urban, work-centered lifestyles. And often, the only way to make that work in pets (and in humans) is to give them psychoactive drugs.

In the specific case of my cat, however, this was not the case. She was living in a beautiful house near the beach, could go in and out as she pleased, and had humans (and another cat) around most of the time. Still, something snapped in her, and unfortunately Clomicalm didn't do the trick. My cat didn't make it. Surprisingly, since I didn't feel particularly attached to her (I was much more attached to her spunky partner) the thought still brings tears to my eyes.

But there you go...


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