Saturday, August 16, 2008

Favored in Montana

I just spent a week at a friend's house in Montana, and had the opportunity to sample the local flavors. One of the dominant ones being, of course, beer. We went down to the local drinking hole one evening, my partner drank a few beers, I tried, unsuccessfully, to down one, and then moved on to the "hot apple pie" (a drink, for the ladies...).

And then in came a couple of super-cute 20ish guys with a few girls hanging on, got their drinks (not beers, some sort of menth something...) and thanks to my gregarious partner, the more rambunctious one started talking with us.

He's studying to be a pharmacist, because his father owns a pharmacy in town. He thinks there's so much to do around here. You can go off fishing, hunting, he has 6 guns in his truck, can't understand why most of the locals do nothing, just get hooked on crystal meth. He sees a lot of this. He's not a socialist, definitely not, but he's got to admit that he makes 70% of his income off Medicare and Medicaid. Those guys have it figured out he says. They get their prescriptions for Oxycontin. Buy them from him at $1 a pill, sell it for $40 a pill, make their $2400 a month, live well... Yeah, chrystal meth is big around here. It's what the local high-schoolers do. Whereas he, he's got his truck, got his guns, got his chicks. It was great to meet you. And off they go. In his HUGE big black Chevy truck, all decked out with guns and chicks.

It's the local flavor.


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