Saturday, May 21, 2005

Walk on Water

An Israeli film about a Mossad agent on a mission that forces him to confront and come to terms with his feelings towards Germans, Arabs, Homosexuals, and the recent suicide of his wife…

An incredibly interesting film. It tackles a multitude of weighty matters with original and compelling insights. Most parts are extraordinarily authentic. Its weakest part is its treatment of palestinian suicide bombings and the Arab/Israeli antagonism - cliché and overdone. I disagreed with the cause and effect relationship that the movie drew between Israeli antagonism to Palestinians, and our memories of the holocaust. The best parts; a macho man’s repulsion and fascination with homosexual relationships, and – most compelling to me – the enactment of the difficulty that a child of holocaust survivors has in coming to terms with his relations with Germans and Germany: The agent’s first visit to Germany reminded me in so many ways of my first visit there, with all its nuances and gut-wrenching discoveries.

Last but not least, there’s the lead actor, Lior Ashkenazi. So my type… And I loved the way he always had his hair mussed up in the back, as though he had just gotten out of bed. A great effect. Why does it take an Israeli filmmaker to figure that one out?

Overall, highly recommended. I’m sure this movie will be replaying in my mind for weeks to come.


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