Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've been watching Angelina Jolie's weight loss with somewhat horrified fascination. I equate her weight loss with something that happens to me. It's not anorexia. But I get stressed, and then food becomes anxiety provoking. In my normal mode I wake up hungry every morning, but in my anxious state, coffee with a lot of sugar is the most I can take, and I start losing weight.

I have never gotten anywhere near as skinny as Angelina Jolie. And I'm not comparing here... But I'm fascinated by how someone who seems to have it all and do it all - great career, great guy, great kids, lots of money, a real impact on the world (consider how many additional children have been adopted thanks to her example), can get so anxious that she loses all sense of proportion, and seems to start literally starving herself to death.

I know there's a lot of Angelina Jolie hatred out there, and maybe
that's part of the story that she's facing, but when you consider that what
she's doing to herself indicates (at least to me) tremendous personal pain,
you've got to have sympathy, and also wonder what it all means.


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