Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yoga Styles

My move to Santa Monica has both expanded and limited my yoga world. Expanded it, because now, in addition to going to the various Yogaworks locations, I'm also going regularly to Sacred Movement - a pretty spectacular studio. Limited it, because now that I can ride my bike to yoga classes I'm reluctant to ever drive to one. So I've pretty much given up on the Westwood, Montana, and Larchmont Yogaworks locations. I limit myself to Yogaworks on Main St, and Sacred Movement (... on Main St).

Which brings me to my main point, which is the comparison of the two. And here's the bottom line:

Yogaworks is for highly driven professionals - lawyers, executives, developers, doctors - those type A personalities that need to be sure they get a real workout when doing their yoga, always advancing, always pushing to the limits.

Sacred Movement is for the artsy types. Those that search for experiences, that want to explore their inner and outer selves, that value creativity above the push push push of gymnastics. Some of them may be great athletes, but they're looking for the zen of yoga, not that I'm-more-flexible-than you variety.

And what am I? I guess I'm more Yogaworks than I am Sacred Movement. Or maybe I'm 50/50. One day of Yogaworks and one of Sacred Movement is about right for me. But if I had to give one up, I'd have to admit that would be Sacred Movement. Gotta keeps those abs in shape...

Oh, and one point of advice. If you go to Sacred Movement, definitely try a class with Eric Schifmann. Unparalleled.


At 5:56 AM, Blogger Elfeya said...

you can still have the zen of yoga and get a good workout...

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will try Sacred Movement with Eric. Years ago btw you blogged about Chad Hamrin. I just Googled him and found what you wrote. He's spooky, he's so good. What a gift.


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