Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bristol Palin and the Baby

So what are my thoughts on the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter? Well, multiple.

On the one hand, I think it cements Palin's credibility with the "social conservatives". After all, it's proof positive of her anti-abortion stance.

But was that cementing (cementation?, cementiment?) really necessary? I don't know. Seems to me that her Down's Syndrome baby was enough for that.

One the other hand, I believe there's a certain McCain swing vote that will be dissuaded by it. Why? Because it brings to light everything that's problematic in the "social conservative" stance. First of all - why did her daughter get pregnant in the first place? Did the governor neglect to tell her daughter about The Pill? Was she preaching abstinence and now finding out that it doesn't always work?

But more than that - what really happens to a girl who has a child at 17? Well, I recently met a 25 year old guy with two kids. He met the girl when they were both 19. After four months together they found out she was two months pregnant. Did he ever consider an abortion, I asked him. "Never" he said. So they ended up getting married, had two kids. Now, six years later, they're divorced. He's trying to achieve his dream of becoming a successful actor in L.A. She's still living in Ohio. He's got a girlfriend who's a "hip hop model" (in case you're not familiar, the look is pretty but slutty, basically shots from the back in a g-string). When's the last time he saw his kids? It's been a few months.

The guy is great looking, charismatic, smart. I'll bet his ex-wife is too. But the difference is that she, at 25, is saddled with two kids as a single mom. He's relaxing in between rehearsals. And I'd say this is the most likely outcome for Palin's daughter as well. By age 25 (actually I'd guess 22) she'll be a divorced single mom. Yes, she may get some child support, but not much. Will she be able to go to college? Well, in this special circumstance - big name Mommy - maybe yes. But normally, no. Just another kid stuck in a low paying job struggling to raise her kids.

So Governor Palin chose to keep her Down's Syndrome baby? Truth is, even though I wouldn't do it, I have a certain degree of respect for that decision. This thing with her 17 year old daughter - that I have absolutely no respect for.

Bottom line, even I, who am normally a bit blase about politics, suddenly feel a need to make absolutely sure Sarah Palin doesn't show up at the White House.


At 1:34 AM, Anonymous ba said...

yes i totally agree with your views..I rather sniff political promotion the only reason behind all these actions.

At 1:35 AM, Anonymous baby changing stations said...

yes i totally agree with your views..I rather sniff political promotion the only reason behind all these actions.


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